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[verb]   to invest with power; to equip or supply with an ability or authority.

By learning about how to manage money, Miranda empowered herself to take control of her own future.

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 “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”


Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady, Humanitarian, 1884 – 1962



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Turning Pain into Passion: Fighting Back Against Bullying

Turning Pain into Passion: Fighting Back Against Bullying

Abbi Morrall used her own experience to create an anti-bullying website that helps victims of bullying and even bullies themselves.

By Lauren Kearney

 Have you ever been bullied?  Do you know anyone who’s been bullied?  Chances are that the answer to those questions is “yes.”  Sadly, bullying affects almost everyone these days.  According to Abbi Morrall, the best way to fight it is to educate more people about bullying and to teach people to speak up.  Abbi has been fighting bullying and helping young people deal with bullying since she was 12 years old! 

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Liz Vogtsberger

Ad Analysis

Body and Self-Confidence by Milk

By: Liz Vogtsberger

Although this ad (People magazine 11/25/09) features a celebrity, Jordin Sparks, the sixth winner of American Idol, it doesn’t use her in that typical advertising way that makes other girls feel bad a ...

Liz Vogtsberger

Ad Analysis

As If Finding Great Jeans Isn’t Hard Enough…

By: Liz Vogtsberger

Let’s continue our conversation about how images of girls’ and women’s bodies are used to sell products.  The ad we examined last featured supermodel Gisele Bundchen selling a raincoat for London Fog. ...

Victoria Garcia

Doing It Yourself

Welcome to the Doing It Yourself Blog!

By: Victoria Garcia

My name is Victoria, and I'm going to be writing this blog! Did you know that there are many, many ways to make your own type of media? "Media" is anything that says something to readers. It can be ...


Dove onslaught ads and body image video

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role model
Pamela Geller
Pamela Geller

What I do:  I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in Anthropology at the University of Miami.  Anthropology is the scientific study of the origin, the behavior, and the cultural development of people.  One of the ways anthropologists study cultures is through archaeology.  Archaeo...

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women's history
Zora Neale Hurston,  Novelist, Folklorist, Anthropologist
Zora Neale Hurston, Novelist, Folklorist, Anthropologist

Sassy and proud, Zora Neale Hurston liked to do things her own way.  As a little girl, she enjoyed making up stories, and her favorite place was the general store, where she listened to her neighbors swapping tall tales.

Zora's English teacher encouraged her writing, and she won a m...

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