Girl Power Words

Traditional Gender Roles

a set of ideas about how “normal” men and/or women should look and act; gender roles correspond to traits and behaviors associated with masculinity and femininity; although many people understand gender roles as corresponding to biological sex, boys/men and girls/women are not naturally born into these identities.

Examples of traditional gender roles include:
-men become doctors/women become nurses
-men are the breadwinners/women stay at home to take care of the family
-men are tall and muscular/women are petite and thin
-boys play with trucks/girls play with dolls
-boys play football/girls play volleyball
-boys are good at math and science/girls are good at English

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          Take a look around you—words are everywhere!  On TV and the radio, in magazines and newspapers, online, at school, in the mall, even at sporting events.  Many people are trying to give us information, and they’re using words to do it.  Of course, that seems fairly obvious; how else would someone try to tell you something, right?  But have you ever stopped to think about why people choose certain words?  Have you ever wondered why they might have picked those specific words to communicate their messages?

          Consider, for example, the multip...

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